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  • Manuel Strehl
    Website Thumbnails with CSS
    A thumbnail view of a website is meanwhile a common sight. Google has recently introduced it in its search results page, and numerous ad services offer more or less annoying tool tips with page previews.…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Digraphs in Firefox
    What are Digraphs? I really became addicted to Vim’s digraph feature. It’s a simple but elegant way to input higher Unicode by entering combinations of ASCII characters. In insert mode, you press Ctrl-K…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Die Grafik „Promote JS” in der Seitenspalte stammt von und unterliegt den dort veröffentlichten Nutzungsbedingungen. Die Grafik, die im Fußbereich der Seiten mein Benutzerprofil bei StackExchange…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Vim and Win
    When I switched from Notepad++ to Vim and MinTTY on my Windows XP machine at work, one thing I missed dearly was the context menu entry, that allows fast opening of files. Reading files from Thunderbird…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Kate and Regular Expressions
    One of the main reasons, why I finally landed at Vim as editor was the lack of decent regular expression support in all other editors I used so far (except, of course, Emacs). That includes especially…
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