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Some Random Numbers of People Working on the Web’s Future

by Manuel Strehl

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Numbers are a dangerous toy to play with, but they are still interesting to examine. Without any kind of valuation and just for the purpose of information I’d like to present some numbers of people working on current web technology.

These numbers represent the state in late 2011. If you can help out with completing the lines matching ^\?{3}, I’d highly appreciate that information. I’m also open to add figures of other projects / organizations. Please also note, that I do not give any warranty that these figures are correct (just in case you’re re-publishing them and get caught ☺).

People working on the web’s future (on some selected projects)
~1700WHAT WG mailing list subscribers
1556Firefox contributors
~600Mozilla Corp. employees
431people in the HTML WG
321committers to WebKit
94jQuery contributors
73people in the CSS WG
47people in the RDF WG
46people in the SVG WG
37people in the WCAG WG
23contributors to Firebug
???people in the IETF HTTP WG
???people in TC39 (ECMAScript standards group)

There is a graphical representation of the numbers as bar chart. However I decided against showing it here, because it’s rather pointless and basically just gives a wrong impression of relative importance.

To all those people (and all the others of projects I didn’t mention), thank you for your hard work to make the web better!