Meinungen vo am Esl zum Web

Servas und Griaß Gott af Boldewyns Webseitn

Griaß Eana, Fremda! Des is de persönliche Webseitn vom Strehl Manuel, a ois Boldewyn bekannt. I schreib hauptsächli iwa Webentwicklung und Sachn, de wo damit z’sam hänga, oba ’s gibt fralle a vui andane Sachn zum Lesn.

Mach’ns as si kommod, schaugn’S umanand und gems Eanan Semf dazua, wenns meng. Fia a bissal an schöin Tratsch kennan’S ma a af Twitter foign.

Neiaste Sachn:

  • Manuel Strehl
    Overwrite PHP’s built-in functions in unit tests
    In unit tests you might run in problems, when your code uses PHP built-in functions, that emit certain hard-coded values like session_start(). When you use PHP namespaces, however, you can solve this problem in an elegant way.
  • Manuel Strehl
    Minimal contents of a .git folder
    What does a minimal usable .git folder looks like? Let’s see.
  • Manuel Strehl
    A Makefile Rule for Generating Responsive Images from SVG
    This rule takes an SVG file as input and returns two PNGs. One is rendered with 72 dpi, which maps 1 SVG pixel to one output pixel. The other, target@2.png, is rendered with twice the solution to fit for Retina displays.
  • Manuel Strehl
    Page Layout Experiment
    This small experiment allows to try out interactively the so-called Gutenberg canon for page layout on different page sizes.
  • Manuel Strehl
    Load jQuery before RequireJS and still use it as dependency
    If you use RequireJS and jQuery in a project, you might find yourself in a situation, where you embed jQuery before RequireJS, but still need to have the “jquery” dependency respected. This article describes, how to achieve this.
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