Meinungen vo am Esl zum Web

Servas und Griaß Gott af Boldewyns Webseitn

Griaß Eana, Fremda! Des is de persönliche Webseitn vom Strehl Manuel, a ois Boldewyn bekannt. I schreib hauptsächli iwa Webentwicklung und Sachn, de wo damit z’sam hänga, oba ’s gibt fralle a vui andane Sachn zum Lesn.

Mach’ns as si kommod, schaugn’S umanand und gems Eanan Semf dazua, wenns meng. Fia a bissal an schöin Tratsch kennan’S ma a af Twitter foign.

Neiaste Sachn:

  • Manuel Strehl
    Learning HTML
    In January 2011 a user at StackOverflow asked, if he should start learning HTML5 / CSS 3 or begin with the older versions. In quite a length I answered the question by explaining my way to web development over the years. I think, that the answer might serve others well, too, who seek a way to start with web development. Since the original question was just recently closed as “not constructive”, I’m putting the answer here for others to read.
  • Manuel Strehl
    Responsive Buttons
    Sometimes there are these Photoshop designs, that make web developers cry. The one on the right is one of those. At first sight there is nothing wrong with it. But when you take into account, that the…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Reverse Ordered Lists with CSS
    The other minute I’ve read an interesting article on the new HTML5 reversed attribute on ordered lists, that, who would have thought, reverses the counting. The article proposed a JavaScript polyfill.…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Some Random Numbers of People Working on the Web’s Future
    Numbers are a dangerous toy to play with, but they are still interesting to examine. Without any kind of valuation and just for the purpose of information I’d like to present some numbers of people working on current web technology.
  • Manuel Strehl
    Wia ma’s sogt, dos I des war
    Ebbana hod mi imma no gfrogt, wiara’s ostelln sull, daßa mein’ Namn nennt, wenna ebbs vo meine Buildln oder Texte vawendt, de wo unta a CC-Lizenz stegn. Leida is de da koa große Hülf. Da offizielle Text…
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