Meinungen vo am Esl zum Web

Servas und Griaß Gott af Boldewyns Webseitn

Griaß Eana, Fremda! Des is de persönliche Webseitn vom Strehl Manuel, a ois Boldewyn bekannt. I schreib hauptsächli iwa Webentwicklung und Sachn, de wo damit z’sam hänga, oba ’s gibt fralle a vui andane Sachn zum Lesn.

Mach’ns as si kommod, schaugn’S umanand und gems Eanan Semf dazua, wenns meng. Fia a bissal an schöin Tratsch kennan’S ma a af Twitter foign.

Neiaste Sachn:

  • Manuel Strehl
    About Unicode Codepoint of the Day
    In May I started a new Twitter account named @UnicodeCotD, Unicode Codepoint of the Day. It tweets every day another codepoint from the Unicode® standard. At first it was a try to do something on a regular…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Back from the MDN Doc Sprint
    The Mozilla Doc Sprint in Cincinnati was an extremely interesting event to be. This article sketches the deepest impressions I took home with me.
  • Manuel Strehl
    On Replacing Checkboxes and Radio Buttons with CSS3 and w/o Images
    There are several techniques to replace native checkboxes with images. This approach will need no extra markup, degrades gracefully and doesn’t harm a single image.
  • Manuel Strehl
    Ranting about Linux on the Desktop
    I am a long-time advocat of FOSS and the philosophy behind it. But from time to time I despair with this attitude. Currently, the “Linux on the Desktop” topic is most prominently making me think on what…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Using PHP as It was Meant to
    PHP has been thrashed a lot over the last years. While many critics are doubtlessly true, it is still the most used server-side language to create the web we use today and it is an easy to learn language…
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