Meinungen vo am Esl zum Web

Servas und Griaß Gott af Boldewyns Webseitn

Griaß Eana, Fremda! Des is de persönliche Webseitn vom Strehl Manuel, a ois Boldewyn bekannt. I schreib hauptsächli iwa Webentwicklung und Sachn, de wo damit z’sam hänga, oba ’s gibt fralle a vui andane Sachn zum Lesn.

Mach’ns as si kommod, schaugn’S umanand und gems Eanan Semf dazua, wenns meng. Fia a bissal an schöin Tratsch kennan’S ma a af Twitter foign.

Neiaste Sachn:

  • Manuel Strehl
    A Minimal Proxy with PHP and SQLite
    Many web services allow access to their APIs via JSONP nowadays. This allows client-side JavaScript to access ressources via domain boundaries. However, for several reasons caching ressources locally (on…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Create CSS Sprites with ImageMagick
    After colorizing the SVG icons I needed to create images suitable for CSS sprites out of them. The first step is rasterizing the SVG files, as I described in the previous article. We now have a bundle…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Colorizing Icons with sed
    Creating colorized versions of a base icon usuallycalls for heavy Photoshop actions. Recently I created an SVG file with some simple black-and-white icons I wanted to use in an application. The file contains…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Website Thumbnails with CSS
    A thumbnail view of a website is meanwhile a common sight. Google has recently introduced it in its search results page, and numerous ad services offer more or less annoying tool tips with page previews.…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Digraphs in Firefox
    What are Digraphs? I really became addicted to Vim’s digraph feature. It’s a simple but elegant way to input higher Unicode by entering combinations of ASCII characters. In insert mode, you press Ctrl-K…
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