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Welcome to Boldewyn’s Website

Hello stranger! This is the personal website of Manuel Strehl a.k.a Boldewyn. I write mostly about web development and topics loosely coupled to it, but there are also posts completely unrelated to this.

Please feel free to browse around here and to leave comments. For a more direct contact, you might want to follow me on Twitter.

Latest Articles:

  • Manuel Strehl
    About Manuel
    I’m Manuel Strehl, a true and thorough Bavarian web developer. And why, yes, I also own a Lederhose. Apart from dancing around some poles and Schuhplattling (ok, admitted, I never did that), I enjoy coding…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Scientific Publishing with XHTML, MathML and SVG
    In August 2010 I gave a talk at the SVG Open conference in Paris: “Scientific Publishing with XHTML, MathML and SVG.” The topic was to evaluate the current state of the art in using XHTML+MathML+SVG for…
  • Manuel Strehl
    The design of public domain books at Project Gutenberg or WikiSource is not optimal for reading. I introduce here some works available at these sites, that have been converted by me to HTML5 and CSS 3 with special regard to responsive Design.
  • Manuel Strehl
    Wireframes with SVG
    The state of the art way to communicate between web designer and developer is via Photoshop. This article presents an alternative, SVG, that provides several advantages over the “traditional” way.
  • Manuel Strehl
    Elektronische Texte
    Diese Seminararbeit im Bereich „Maschinelle Übersetzung“ zum Thema „Zeichenkodierungen und Dateiformate im Hinblick auf MÜ“ wurde im Rahmen eines Hauptseminars erstellt.
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