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  • Manuel Strehl
    Responsive Buttons
    Sometimes there are these Photoshop designs, that make web developers cry. The one on the right is one of those. At first sight there is nothing wrong with it. But when you take into account, that the…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Some Random Numbers of People Working on the Web’s Future
    Numbers are a dangerous toy to play with, but they are still interesting to examine. Without any kind of valuation and just for the purpose of information I’d like to present some numbers of people working on current web technology.
  • Manuel Strehl
    motokai, ein dunkles Motiv für ChatZilla
    Ich mag einfach das monokai-Farbschema, und besonders seine Vim-Inkarnation molokai. Es ist deshalb leicht vorstellbar, wie erstaunt ich war, dass dieses Schema noch nicht in ein ChatZilla-Motiv portiert…
  • Manuel Strehl
    On Replacing Checkboxes and Radio Buttons with CSS3 and w/o Images
    There are several techniques to replace native checkboxes with images. This approach will need no extra markup, degrades gracefully and doesn’t harm a single image.
  • Manuel Strehl
    HTML5 Reset Styles
    The HTML5 specification lists default CSS rules. The article describes how to revert these.
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