• Manuel Strehl
    A Suggestion for Replacing the Gregorian Calendar
    Tantek Çelik published in 2009 a draft of a new calendar with 5-day-weeks solving issues with the Gregorian one: I am not convinced, that this is…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Rolling Releases are the Future
    The Mozilla developers have received some critics for their decision to remove the version number from future Firefox releases. Many other open source projects, like GIMP, are speeding up their release…
  • Manuel Strehl
    About Unicode Codepoint of the Day
    In May I started a new Twitter account named @UnicodeCotD, Unicode Codepoint of the Day. It tweets every day another codepoint from the Unicode® standard. At first it was a try to do something on a regular…
  • Manuel Strehl
    motokai, a dark motif for ChatZilla
    I’m a sucker for the monokai color scheme, especially in its Vim theme incarnation molokai. It is easy to imagine, how surprised I was, that this scheme wasn’t ported to a ChatZilla motif yet. After all…
  • Manuel Strehl
    Back from the MDN Doc Sprint
    The Mozilla Doc Sprint in Cincinnati was an extremely interesting event to be. This article sketches the deepest impressions I took home with me.
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